BAD Manners: Gosh its Promotional Poster-1981

Offered is an Original 76x51cm Machine Folded Promotional Poster For The October 1981 3rd Album Release of Bad Manners Gosh It’s on Magnet Records.


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Gosh It’s … Bad Manners, is the third Bad Manners album and quite a step up from their second.

We start off with Walking In The Sunshine, one of my favorites from them, like Special Brew it makes you want to put your feet up and have a drink.

Dansetta, Weeping and Wailing, Casablanca, Only Funkin, Ben E. Wriggle, these are gems that I can listen to over and over, I don’t think any were singles either.

We’ve got the Can Can now, a very entertaining Ska version of the recognizable song, Bad Manners have a knack of putting their own take on well known anthems, another cover is on here, Don’t Be Angry, this is a live track, but Bad Manners are so good live you wouldn’t know

Runaway, Never Will Change, Gherkin, End Of The World, all very tongue in cheek and fun, as you would expect with Bad Manners.

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