Black Sabbath: Technical Ecstasy Record Shop Poster-1976

Offered is an Original September 1976 76x51cm Vertigo Records Record Shop Promotional Poster For Black Sabbath Technical Ecstasy Album.

Please note that there is a cellotape repair on the reverse at Top Centre.


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Many people consider Black Sabbath’s “Technical Ecstasy” to be the beginning of the end. Personally, for me, it was over for the Ozzy era before this album was released. However, this album is a good bit better than “Sabotage” was, so there’s some solace in that fact. To be perfectly honest, if you only cherry pick from this album, it could be one of the better Ozzy era Sabbath releases. But as a total package, there’s much to be desired. This record is an incredibly mixed bag. There’s a decent amount of interesting things happening on it, but there’s also a ton that’s just awful about it. There aren’t many albums that are such a cluster of enjoyable material and garbage like “Technical Ecstasy.”

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