Pork Dukes: Makin Bacon Wood Records Promo Poster-1977

Offered is an Original 51x50cm Promo Poster For The Pork Dukes 2nd Single Makin Bacon on Wood Records Released in December 1977


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Although both cuts subscribe to the Dukes’ general format of conveying hideously prurient images over tightly-played ’77 punkpop, “Tight Pussy” is a reggae song slowed down to a funereal crawl. Playing at a third of their normal speed, the Pork Dukes prove that their songwriting holds up just as well at different tempos and in different styles. “Tight Pussy” is an excellent, riotously funny song whose lyrics aim several blows at the Clash’s political pretensions while their musical accompaniment pays homage to the Clash’s roots influences.

In direct contrast to “Tight Pussy” and its groove, “Makin’ Bacon” is as fast and raging a track as punkpop has ever produced. Although quite obscene, Styles’ verse lyrics weave through the melody below them, lending the track a frenetic quality — a quality compensated for by the layered chorus harmonizing the Pork Dukes do so well.

An eminently collectible 12″ single from 1977, _Tight Pussy_/_Makin’ Bacon_ delivers two songs at opposite ends of the Pork Dukes’ spectrum.

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