Valves: Tiffany’s Edinburgh Concert Ticket-1979

Offered is an Original 30Th July 1979 From Edinburgh Tiffany’s Featuring a Home Coming Concert For The Valves.


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Scottish punk band THE VALVES began life as ANGEL BABY and then SALE before settling on the name attributed to their debut 45, mainly because it “sounded dirty, greasy, gungey”.

In July 1977, vocalist DEE ROBOT (aka Dave Valve aka Dave Robertson) joined forces with fellow Ramones fans: guitarist RONNIE VALVE (aka Ronnie MacKinnon), bassist GORDON VALVE (aka Gordon Scott) and drummer PADA VALVE (aka Teddy Dair).

With an early set inspired by Eddie & The Hot Rods and other ‘pub rock’ favourites, the band soon picked up on punk, got signed to ZOOM RECORDS and laid down one blistering slice of raucous rock.

Recorded at REL Studios in Edinburgh in August ’77, the single featured ROBOT LOVE on the plug side and the non-pc (for a non-pc generation) FOR ADOLFS’ ONLY on the flip. Whilst Robot Love was more than listenable it was the b-side that stood out.

However, two months later the band would mysteriously revert back to their R&B roots and release a second single TARZAN OF THE JUNGLE, one that the label decided to market as ‘power pop’.

Consequently, this confused The Valves newly found punk following and the crowd began to drift. With that, the band’s two minutes of punk stardom was over before you could say ‘1978’. A shame as The Valves’ flirtation with stripped-down raucous punk rock n roll could have borne further fruits.

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