Van Der Graff: Leeds Concert Poster-1977

Offered is an Original 76x51cm Silk Screened Concert Poster From Leeds University For Van Der Graff on 19th October 1977 as Part of Their Quiet Zone/Pleasure Dome UK Tour.


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Somehow this combination made sense: a revised band with Nick Potter returning on bass and the addition of Graham Smith, formerly of String Driven Thing, on violin with a shortened name, and an album that was named twice, with different cover art for each name. What also made sense was the focus on shorter songs and a change of musical attitude. While Hammill could never entirely shake off his approach to song writing, he was able to modify it somewhat. Working with the new band, he was able to generate considerably more energy than on World Record. “Lizard Play” and “Cat’s Eye/Yellow Fever (Running)” are wonderfully gymnastic song writing exercises, yet remain engaging by dint of their forcefulness. Written and performed at the top of Hammill’s game, this album is a delight.

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