Van Der Graff: Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome Record Shop UK Tour Poster-1977

Offered is an Original 101x76cm October November 1977 Concert Tour Poster For Van Der Graff Promoting The Quiet Zone/Pleasure Dome Album c/w All UK Dates.


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Lizard play is a short fun song w/ odd time signatures. There may be a little too much going on in the background aside from the the drums which sound excellent. The bass doesn’t sound thick enough until the beginning of the second song. The Habit of the Broken Heart is a good song w/ neat changes and awesome violin sounds. Many descent sounding changes w/in the song.

The Siren Song is reminiscent of Pawn Hearts until it picks up. Last Frame is the most progressive song thus far on the record. I love the way it subtlety picks up pace and sound. Doesn’t have the most affective ending . The wave is a good ballad.

Cat’s Eye is so heavy and good. Innovative violin solo at the end of Yellow Fever (Running). The Sphinx is the poppiest song but it does have a good length. It’s ok. The drums are the highlight of Chemical World. It’s a shame that The Door (bonus track) had to be left off the vinyl do to length. It’s heavily good and has nice effects.

Overall Hammills voice sounds much cleaner and less raspy than previous VDGG albums. Maybe that helps maybe it hurts the recording but let’s at least assume that it is a nice change. The music IMO should be a little more important than the singing and much more important than the lyrics.

The albums flaws are that it is too wordy, the bass is slightly thin, there are not many solos, and it’s a little unprogressively. The strong points are that the most the nuances w/in the record help to carry, the drumming is great, the song writing is good, there is absolutely no filler, and the production/engineering. That’s not to say that a less clean sound would have not been nice.

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