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Postage & Packing

For simplicity, we operate a two-zone shipping rates system …

  • Zone 1 – UK, Northern Ireland & the E.U.
  • Zone 2 – Everywhere else in the world

Since all these items are as rare as hens’ teeth – some may be one of a kind – we don’t take any chances, so all UK transactions are covered up to the value of £28.00. As a result, UK shipping is a little more than the price of a stamp

For items ABOVE this value we would strongly recommend insurance for the full value of the item. Please contact us for prices, or for any other information.

Those Shipping Rates in Full

Shipping Class Zone 1 Zone 2
A £10.00 £20.00
B £5.00 £13.00
C £8.00 £13.00
D £10.00 £21.00
E £20.00 £41.00
F (Free) £0.00

Turn your Treasures Into Cash

Do you have old punk rock posters? Want to convert them into cash money?

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